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I am tasked with figuring out how to populate a 2nd listBox with the associated <S> element values when selecting an item in listBox1. The items in listBox1 are concatenated values of related(by Attribute value) <V> elements.

I have the following XML:

        <V Idx="1">7932</V><V Idx="2">7932</V><V Idx="3">7932</V><V Idx="4">7932</V>
        <V Idx="1">Z7000*WPDIP****PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION - BASE TIME</V><V Idx="2">Z911*INC****ETCH WINDOWS</V><V Idx="3">B0048*WPBS4****FASCIA, FRONT BUMPER - REPLACE ONE PIECE</V><V Idx="4">9997*WPBS4****</V>
        <V Idx="1">0.00</V><V Idx="2">0.00</V><V Idx="3">166.32</V><V Idx="4">0.00</V>
        <V Idx="1">64.80</V><V Idx="2">3.60</V><V Idx="3">140.40</V>
        <S Idx="1">&#xfc;96&#xfc;0&#xfd;&#xfd;10232632&#xfc;4H&#xfc;1</S><S Idx="2">&#xfc;96&#xfc;0&#xfd;&#xfd;10232632&#xfc;4H&#xfc;1</S><S Idx="3">&#xfc;96&#xfc;0&#xfd;&#xfd;10232632&#xfc;4H&#xfc;1</S>

I have the following c# code:

//  Linq query to find all service history line items
var queryDetail = from v in xdoc.Descendants("V")
            group v by (int)v.Attribute("Idx") into g
            select String.Join(" ", g.Select(x => (string)x));

//  Iterates through the linq query and populates listBox1 with the servcie history details
foreach (string serviceInfo in queryDetail)

To clarify:

The LINQ Query takes all related(by Attribute value) <V> elements, concatenates them into a single line, and adds them to listBox1.

I need to have listBox2 display the appropriate <S> element when the related(by Attribute value) item is selected in listBox1.

Please advise if further clarification or information is needed.

07/29/2013: No hits yet. Is there something that I have omitted from my question that is needed to get help?

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what if you change "V" to "S"? –  Bit Jul 29 '13 at 20:47
@N4TKD by changing "V" to "S" are you referring to the LINQ query named queryDetail? If so, that will simply populate the 1st listbox with the <S> elements. –  PDXWReX Aug 8 '13 at 15:39

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