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I have a widget in my wordpress site that displays last 10 posts. The whole display image+title with 10 posts make the widget looks huge. I was thinking if its easy/possible to display only a specific size for example 300 pixels and have a small scrollbar on the right to see the rest content.


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#recent-posts-widget {
    height: 300px;
    overflow: scroll;

Above is the most simple way to achieve this (replace #recent-posts-widget in your CSS with the selector of the widget container on your site). Need to see the relevant HTML markup and CSS to give you more specific instruction.

That will produce a "default" scrollbar like you see at the side of the browser window. If you want something less ugly that you can style further to be like your site, look into using jScrollPane which allows for much more beautiful scrollbars and has great cross-browser compatibility.

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Excellent! thanks –  user1493428 Jul 26 '13 at 8:04

You'd need to set max-height:300px and overflow:scroll of the specific widget (each widget has it's own class/id, set this inside your style.css).

This should give you a vertical scrollbar if the widget is bigger than 300px.

Hope this helps :)

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