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I have a few tables in a database and I have a quick question regarding foreign keys.



PK: CompanyID


PK, FK: CompanyID


PK: MakeModelID
FK: ManufacturerID


PK: EquipmentID
FK: MakeModelID

Would it be proper to include a ManufacturerID column as a FK to Manufacturer in the Equipment table? And then would it be smart to create an Index on both ManufacturerID and MakeModelID in the Equipment table? I'm self taught and was just seeking some design input. Thanks.

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And onteh index thing, no most databases do not automatically create an index on foreign keys, if you need one (and it is likely you do), you need to create it –  HLGEM Jul 25 '13 at 20:52

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No, it would not be proper to include a FK to the manufacturer table in the equipment table.

The equipment table already has a FK to the Make/Model table which has the FK to the Manufacturer table. If you created that FK, then technically a record in the equipment table could be linked to two different manufacturers.

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And if you were so foolish as to do such a thing, then you need a trigger on all the associated tables to make sure the ids stay in synch. –  HLGEM Jul 25 '13 at 20:51

It's not necessary to include ManufacturerID in the Equipment table, since you already have MakeModelID, and the MakeModel table already has a ManufacturerID. So you could join through the MakeModel table to get the ManufacturerID.

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