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I just started using grunt.js recently and I wanted to know if it is possible to watch for changes in large folder structures?

it works fine for me in small project folder structures but when trying to watch a whole system like magento or wordpress or even parts of them it just hangs there and doesn't find any changes.

am I doing something wrong?

here's my gruntfile.js:

module.exports = function(grunt) {
    watch: {
        livereload: {
            files: ['template/{,*/}*'],
            options: {
                // Start a live reload server on the default port 35729
                livereload: true
grunt.registerTask('default', 'watch');

if you are familiar with magento, the gruntfile sits in


and looks in the 'template' folder and onward for files changes.

there are 404 files and 242 folders inside the 'template' folder. it isn't that much to be fair... I don't understand why it doesn't find the changes almost immediately and just hangs.

when adding just a single subdir (ex: /page contains 25 Files and 4 Folders) to the gruntfile files source reference it finds the changes instantly.


files: ['template/page/{,*/}*']

I hope I managed to pass my question clearly enough. if something isn't clear please let me know.

Thank you for your time!

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Ok I found the solution. the problem was with the regular expression I used.

files: ['template/page/{,*/}*']

should have been:

files: ['**/*.*']

to match any file in any sub directory.


files: ['template/**/*.*']

to match all sub directories and files within the 'template' folder.

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