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The following JavaScript running in canvas should play audio fine:

var audio = new Audio('tune.wav');;

Most of the time it does work, the wav is 24bit 14100kbps and plays fine on several machines, but on my laptop (Win7, using Firefox 22.0) I get the error:

  • HTTP "Content-Type" of "x-unknown/unknown" is not supported. Load of media resource file:///C:/code/sound/tune.wav failed.

I'm aware that there are other libraries to play sound, but I want to keep this pure JavaScript and since it works fine on other machines it might be a hardware problem. But I am able to play other audio files fine, so I'm not sure what's going wrong here. Any ideas?

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Hmm. Based upon my experience with the JS Audio elements, you're missing a line.

var audio = new Audio('tune.wav');

I don't think that's causing the error though. Based upon the responses to this question:

Firefox won't play .WAV files using the HTML5 <audio> tag?

and the back-and-forth in this forum: (comment 7)

It looks like Firefox simply doesn't support 24-bit WAVE files. 16-bit is probably a safer option.

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I obviously missed out the audio.load() and have switched the wavs to 8 bit. However the problem continued to occur when testing local files. Testing the exact same files using Mongoose, as a local-host, and the sound worked fine. Which I can't explain. – Ghoul Fool Jul 28 '13 at 17:57

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