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I would like to find which date ranges overlaps a period in IndexedDB.

My idea was to store my events in a database, then make a query to get the events which overlap the period range.

Something like the following query (sorry, I don't really remember how to write SQL):

SELECT * FROM events
WHERE (startTime BETWEEN periodStart AND periodEnd)
(periodStart > startDate AND periodStart < endTime)

Unfortunately, the only possibility that I found with IndexedDB is to test if a date overlap a range.

For your informations, my events look like the following object:

  title: 'foo',
  start: '2013-06-30',
  end: '2013-07-03'
  title: 'bar',
  start: '2013-07-04',
  end: '2013-07-11'

And a period is like:

var periodStart = '2013-06-30';
var periodEnd = '2013-07-05';
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Why not just use numeric value of the timestamp?

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Of course I can. But I still can't find which ranges overlap a date range. –  Vic Jul 26 '13 at 14:16

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