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Provided that I already know that a file has been modified in a mercurial repo, Is there any way to start a diff tool in command line to show the visual diff of the file between working copy and commit.

Little background: I`m trying to add a External Tool for QT which will help me see currently open file's working copy changes in a diff tool in click of a button without going and opening the repo in TortoiseHg, waiting for it to load (big repo, lot of time), then right clicking modified file to select view visual diff

To those who are NOT familiar with the setup, I have: full path of the hg repo and modified file, I need: a linux command to open the diff between working copy and last commit of the file in a diff tool

My setup: Linux, QT, TortoiseHg, Sourcegear DiffMerge

Is this possible?

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Reading for @yhw42 practical part hgbook.red-bean.com/read/… –  Lazy Badger Jul 26 '13 at 11:05

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I assume you have the ability to edit one of the config files to enable extensions, such as the .hgrc file. If that is true, then as described here or here you can add the following (and ensure the path to diffmerge is correct):

merge = diffmerge

hgext.extdiff =

cmd.diffmerge = /usr/bin/diffmerge

diffmerge.executable = /usr/bin/diffmerge
diffmerge.args = -merge -result=$output -t1="Local Version" -t2=$output -t3="Other Version" -caption=$output $local $base $other
diffmerge.binary = False
diffmerge.symlinks = False
diffmerge.gui = True

Since you only asked to add it to diff between files and not for merging, you may only need the following sections (which excludes the merge functions) :

hgext.extdiff =

cmd.diffmerge = /usr/bin/diffmerge
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You forgot to write final result: hg diffmerge FILENAME in CLI –  Lazy Badger Jul 26 '13 at 11:18
What worked for me: I followed yhw42 's instructions and added everything to my .hgrc file. Then, 1. To see the working dir diff (all changed files), I used hg diffmerge command. 2. To see the diff of a single file, I used hg diffmerge <FILENAME> like @lazy Badger suggested. –  Rijin Jul 26 '13 at 17:09
@user2608651 - all changed files in working dir will be hg status better –  Lazy Badger Jul 26 '13 at 17:17
@LazyBadger, hg status gives me the name of changed files. I want to see all the changed files in a visual diff tool, open a file to see its changes and modify if necessary. hg diffmerge serves the purpose. –  Rijin Jul 26 '13 at 17:43

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