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Currently I have made box-plots for the onset values of three different groups using the box-plot function in R like so:

boxplot(onset ~ group, data = pulse.dat, range=0, col="lightblue")

However, I want to see how the data looks without the range, so I want to create a box-plot without the whiskers. I also wouldn't mind any kind of graph as long as it displays the median, 25th and 75th quartile for each of the 3 groups. Does anyone know how I can do this in R?


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"Quantiles" or "percentiles", not quartiles. And you should realize that boxplot is not plotting the 25th and 75th quantiles. See ?boxplot.stats –  BondedDust Jul 25 '13 at 22:05
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Under boxplot pars...

 d <- rnorm(1:100, 100, 10)
 boxplot(d, whisklty = 0, staplelty = 0)

whisklty gets rid of the lines or whiskers

staplelty gets rid of the ends or staples

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Works like a charm! Thanks! –  Sam Jan 30 at 3:35
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