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We have a REST API secured using Kerberos. Hosted elsewhere is a webapp that calls this API.

If you navigate directly to the API, then the authentication works fine and a cookie is returned. Then the webapp works just fine since it has a cookie for API's root URI.

However if you navigate to the webapp and it makes an HTTP GET request to the API using AJAX, then the request returns 401: Unauthorized as well as WWW-Authenticate:Negotiate. If I navigate to the same address, chrome would negotiate and get authenticated, but in this case it stops at this point.

There are various ugly hacks to get around the problem, like creating an IFRAME that sources some part of the API, or redirecting the user to the API and having it bounce the user back using a 307, but these are clearly not optimal.

It works fine in IE7.

What is the correct way to deal with this?

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I figured out the issue. The REST API required an API Key to be set using the "Authorization" http header. The API Key was not really being used for authorization though, just for statistics. After clearing the API from the Authorization header, everything worked fine.

I'm going to leave this question up in case anybody else makes the same mistake.

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