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I have been having trouble getting my banner image on my blog to be clickable. If my site has an image named "banner.jpg", is it possible to make a generic javascript function that makes all images with that particular name on the page be clickable with a hard coded link?

I would like to be able to drop in a short code snippet into the "head" tag section and not have any requirement to edit a style sheet or a movable type template, or anything else.

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I don't think you need Javascript at all. Just edit the template for the page in question. In my MovableType blog, index.html has a div called "banner". Find the element you want clickable there and wrap in in an anchor (A element) with the URL you want.

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I got it but the reason it was so hard was that the templated I needed to edit was not the index.html template. I had to edit the Entry template. –  djangofan Nov 24 '09 at 1:53

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