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Maybe such problem was already discussed here, but I can't even realize, how to properly google such case.

In Rails I have following models:

User (has_many book_specimens, has_many friendships, has_many friends through friendship, has_many books through book_specimens)

Book_specimen (belongs_to user, belongs_to book)

Book (has_many book_specimens, has_many owners through book_specimens)

Friendship (belongs_to user, belongs_to friend)

What I need is to search books amongs those which user's friends have. If breaking into not-sql logic, it would look like

results = [];

friends.each do |friend|

results.push( conditions: {title: 'Lorem', owner_id:})


Is there any way I can do it in one command? How should I prepare indices then?

Thanks in advance.

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Your Books model will have the following indexes defined (apart from others that you may chose):

define_index do
  indexes title
  has owner_ids

With this index, assuming you have the target 'user', the search command will become: conditions: {title: 'Lorem'}, with: {owner_ids: user.friend_ids}
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Thank you! Working as expected, but with one change: has owner_ids should be has, :as => :owner_ids – morodeer Jul 26 '13 at 9:24

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