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my App uses the .NET 4.5 HTTPClient sending Keep Alive header over this:

Client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Keep-Alive", "true");

By far, the HttpClient just worked and the speed was ok, but I recently discovered in a test program(it sends as much request as possible over multiple threads to a https server and outputs the requests per second rate to test performance)that its around 3 times faster when fiddler is running, even without the reuse connection option(no difference).

I researched about this topic, but there were only hints pointing to the keep-alive header&reuse connection option, so my question is: Whats the point fiddler speed ups the app and what I`ll have to change in my code to make the requests faster.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

(pls add a comment if there are more informations needed)

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OK I just got the error after looking up to the similiar webclient: so if you have probs like me, just add a ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 300; // or sth before you re doing request in your code.

WebClient is very slow

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