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I have a file path location as such:

Properties readProp = \\\dev\config\dev\config.properties

how can I manipulate it so I remove the portion of config.properties and replace it with test\config.properties

so the new Properties location would be:

Properties readProp = \\\dev\config\dev\test\newconfig.properties


thanks for your time and effort

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it's a Properties –  OakvilleWork Jul 26 '13 at 0:03
Can you create SSCCE? –  Smit Jul 26 '13 at 0:03

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Make sure you escape any backslashes you have as you build the string.

String path = "\\\\\\dev\\config\\dev\\config.properties";
int lastBackSlash = path.lastIndexOf("\\");
//+1 to include lastBackSlash
String newPath = path.substring(0, lastBackSlash + 1) + "test" + path.substring(lastBackSlash);



This article like this is also decent read. Treating paths as strings can be dangerous.


However, if your careful, know what how your string functions behave(or look them up), and you don't have off by 1 errors... then treating the paths like strings should be pain free. But you will have no guarantee that the path is valid... while a path builder library would give you that assurance.

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