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I have using following code to crate UDP packets.I using bindToPort to setup Source Port.

[asyncUdpSocket bindToPort:7701

However, ! found only first time I go through those codes can get a right source port. Rest times, they are all wrong!! My bind to port should be 7701.

Image captured by Wireshark

 GCDAsyncUdpSocket *asyncUdpSocket;
    asyncUdpSocket = [[GCDAsyncUdpSocket alloc] initWithDelegate:self
    [asyncUdpSocket setPreferIPv4];
    if ([asyncUdpSocket bindToPort:7701
        NSLog(@"Bind to Port fail");
    [asyncUdpSocket enableBroadcast:NO error:&socketError];
    [asyncUdpSocket sendData:data


How to make UDP packet's Source Port consistent in GCDAsyncUdpSocket?

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The reason of variable port number is I am using ARC. The instance might not be released at next time alloc and init.

Everytime I call this part code I create a new GCDAsyncUdpSocket object, then try to bind the port and then send the message. These objects are being dealloced only at a later time when I use ARC. So, actually I am trying to bind to the port several times which is not possible. Once the port is bound, I cannot bind it any more.

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