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BOOL continueLoop;
CGPoint thePoint;	

while(continueLoop != NO)
	continueLoop = NO;

	thePoint = [self generateRandomLocation];

	NSMutableArray *blocks = [self getBlocksForX:thePoint.x];

	for(BlueBlock *block in blocks)
		if(block.getBlockLocationY == thePoint.y)
			continueLoop = YES;
	[blocks release];

This causes a crash when ran in instruments but not in Xcode. I narrowed the problem down, it happens when this line of code is in a loop... NSMutableArray *blocks = [self getBlocksForX: thePoint.x]; the method returns a NSMutableArray, I store it in blocks each time the loop is executed then at the end of the loop I release it. What would be causing instruments to crash?

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since you never alloc, copy, or retain blocks you should not be releasing it.

It may help for errors like this to run the static analyzer.

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the method returns an allocated NSMutableArray – ACV Nov 24 '09 at 1:44
ah, usual convention is (from memory management programming guide) You “create” an object using a method whose name begins with “alloc” or “new” or contains “copy”… – cobbal Nov 24 '09 at 1:47
Okay, I'm still learning I'll remember that for the future. – ACV Nov 24 '09 at 1:50
I ran the Clang Static Analyzer and didn't find anything... – ACV Nov 24 '09 at 2:32
Sorry for triple post, I changed it from a while loop to a do while loop (tried everything else I could think of already)and problem solved. – ACV Nov 24 '09 at 2:37

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