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My problem is just like this Sencha Touch - Scroll Delay on First Touch.

I google and visit on stackoverflow as well as sencha documentation but could get proper solution.

My question is , when touch first time on list or panel,there should be little delay when scrolling. Is that any solution for this, how to improving or better scrolling without delay.


      scrollable: false, 
      flex: 3,  
      layout: 'fit',      
       xtype: 'list',
       scrollable: true,       
       itemTpl: [
       '<div><tpl for="data"><ul class="helpList">{content}</ul></tpl></div>'
       store: 'HelpStore',
     } ]  }

this content getting from sever. Is that problem for getting data from server?

I also read this on sencha Q/A Performance issue scrolling DataView and How is Sencha Touch performing on Android in practice?, but did not get it.

It is really impossible to reducing this lagging problem of list or panel in sencha whenever scrolling(scrolling first time) or Not?

And ohter Dean Wild --Answers **

On iOS devices, everything is smooth (carousels, sliders everything), but on Android, it's all a bit laggy and unresponsive.


I have tested on ios, but still problem is not solve, it is also not smooth scrolling(lagging when first time).

Would you please answers me, i have been searching since two day for this problem.

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