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This is loosely based on the MEAN Stack demo: Mongo, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS

I want to add a delete method to my controller in my Jade template like so


    function CharactersController($scope, $http, $window){
        $scope.charactersList = [];

        $scope.newCharacter = {};

        $scope.init = function(charactersList){
            $scope.charactersList = charactersList;

        $scope.save = function(form){


        $scope.delete = function(id){
            console.log('delete: '+id);
    h1  Characters
    div(ng-controller="CharactersController", ng-init="init( #{JSON.stringify(charactersList)} );") Create a new character:
        form(name="charactersForm", ng-submit="save(charactersForm)")
            input(type="string", ng-model="newCharacter.firstName", name="firstName", placeholder="Firstname...")

        div(ng-repeat="character in charactersList.characters")
            {{character.lastName}}, {{character.firstName}} - Quantity: {{character.quantity}} 
            button(ng-click="delete('{{character._id}}')") remove`

I believe I'm just screwing up the scope of the ng-click as the delete(...) function isn't triggering even though it's within the `ng-controller="CharactersController" div?

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What does the final output of the jade template look like? Haven't used jade but maybe the ng-click isn't coverted to html correctly since it's not a standard attribute. Also any errors in the console? I would also try ng-click="alert('the click handler works')" to try and isolate the issue.

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so here is the output: <div ng-repeat="character in charactersList.characters" class="ng-scope ng-binding">Baucke, Jordan - Quantity: 2 <button ng-click="alert('hi');">remove</button></div> looks right to me, but the JS alert doesn't fire? –  jordan.baucke Jul 26 '13 at 6:20
Are you initialising angilar properly? eg: by using <html ng-app="myAppName"> Check the angularjs.org home page example. –  Chris Gunawardena Jul 28 '13 at 3:42

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