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Using LeafletJS which is ace, well until now :P We don't have a JSON object or anything, so I am taking the values out of the HTML (title, latlng) and creating markers. Generally that works ok, however there is an issue with the plotting of them. When the map is really zoomed in they seem to be ok, but when you zoom out (like the map is initially), they are way off. They then move on zoom.

So, what am I doing wrong?

http://jsbin.com/edegox/1 http://jsbin.com/edegox/1/edit

Cheers Tom

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The solution to this is quite simple. Leads should have posted it.

when your markers are moving around your map it's because the map doesn't know the size of your marker and/or it doesn't know the point of your marker that marks the location.

your marker icon code might look like this:

var locationIcon = L.icon({iconUrl:'location_marker_icon.png'});

now, let's suppose your image is 24px wide and 36px tall. To keep your marker from moving around, you simply specify the size of the marker, and the "anchor point"...

var locationIcon = L.icon({
                           iconSize: [24,36],
                           iconAnchor: [12,36]

This will make the center pixel on the bottom represent the exact lat/lng point you specified the marker for, and it will keep it anchored there!

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Ok, so it was to do with the IconSize, iconSize, iconAnchor, shadowAnchor and popupAnchor settings. Sorted them out and it's all good :)

Thanks to @helloimtom for that :)

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Can you give more detail - I have the same problem with custom markers, but checked the sizes with Photoshop and couldn't see obvious problems. –  olive Oct 27 '13 at 17:11
Could you please post the exact solution to the problem? –  autonomy Aug 15 '14 at 12:45
Can you post your solution? –  tmthyjames Apr 24 at 0:00

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