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I have two web services that use MemcacheD to store the results of common database queries. Both services run on three load-balanced web servers, as does MemcacheD, and the performance is good. However, every fortnight one of the web service's CPU usage increases to 20% from its more normal 5%. I've found that if I restart Memcache then this sorts the problem out. This particular web service uses MemCacheD more and stores bigger objects

I don't think the issue is with my web service (famous last words I know) since after re-starting Memcache the CPU and memory usage stabilise and remain so for several days.

I think there might be a problem with Memcache either with my usage of it or the way I set it up. If I had to guess I'd say the problem is 'thrashing' in that my web service is having to wait to get an object from Memcache.

Could it be my version of Memcache is too old (I got it from here) or that I'm not giving it enough memory. Each instance is currently allocated 128 MB. Is that too low? Are there any tools I could use to measure Memcache's performance to help?


I have increased the memory allocated to 500MB and found that only one of the instances of Memcache needs to be re-started. This points the problem not being with Memcache but with the way I'm using one particular object in there. I'm hoping to push a fix to this soon. If that makes a difference I'll post an answer to this question.

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