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I have a couple of ms sql server (2000) stored procedures encrypted by ex-employee long time ago and things were okay until we need to change it a bit.... is there any way at all to retrieve the source? Or rewrite is the only option?

Thanks a lot.

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Or for free (Google is your friend):,289483,sid87%5Fgci1056869%5Fmem1,00.html

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If your time is worth about $99, then this tool may do the job for you.

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As a rule: In order to decrypt anything you should have the key used during encryption

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I don't think the question is fully understood. In SQL Server you can encrypt a stored procedure simply by saying WITH ENCRYPTION. There is no built-in way to decrypt the stored procedure yourself at that point; this is what source control systems are for. – Aaron Bertrand Nov 24 '09 at 4:47

I have resolved this problem. My Solution: use tool SQL Compare. You must create one database to compare sql script. Return result script sql is decrypted. Link soft:

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