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Following is the link button which launches contents in dialog:

<a href="#" class="details-trigger">Show Dialog</a>

Following are the contents which should be displayed in JQuery dialog:

    <div class="dayblockdetails-modal" data-dialog-title="My Dialog" >
        @{ Html.RenderPartial(MVC.MyController.Views._MyPartialView, myModal); }

Following is the JQuery code that launches dialog box:

$(".details-trigger").on("click", function (e) {
    var dialogtitle = $(".details-modal").attr('data-dialog-title');
    $(".details-modal").dialog("option", "title", dialogtitle);
$(".details-modal", this).dialog({ modal: true, autoOpen: false });

When I first click on the link "Show Dialog" it displays dialog box properly. But when I close and reopen the dialog box the contents are getting repeated. That means, all contents of the partial view "_MyPartialView" are showing twice, and they keep getting repeated N number of times as I close and re-open.

What could be wrong here? and how to sovle this issue?

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Try this code

    <a href="#" class="details-trigger" onclick="ShowDialog()">Show Dialog</a>

function ShowDialog()
            modal: true,
            open: function () {
                $(this).load("/Controller/PartialView/?AnyParam=" + id);
            height: 250, width: 400, title: 'My Dialog', buttons: {
                close: function(){
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