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I'm using Postgres with this query

from Entity this_ 
(this_.ID not in (null))

Why does this give me no results? I would expect to get all rows where id is not null


(this_.ID not in (1))

i get the expected results

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The result of [not] in (null) will always be null. To compare to null you need is [not] null or is [not] distinct from null

select *
from Entity this_ 
where this_.ID is not null

If you want where (ID not in (1,null)) as in your comment you can do

where ID is not null and ID not in (1)
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means a select like "select * from Entity where (ID not in (1,null))" is impossible? –  wutzebaer Jul 26 '13 at 10:21
@wutzebaer Updated –  Clodoaldo Neto Jul 26 '13 at 12:19

PostgreSQL uses NULL as undefined value.
What you're asking is to return the items that are not in a list or an undefined value. Since undefined means that you do not know what's inside, PostgreSQL does not return any item because simply can not respond to the request.
While the request:

select * from Entity where id in (1, null)

can return the records, because if it finds an element with ID = 1 knows that is in the collection
the request:

select * from Entity where (ID not in (1, null))

can not be satisfied because the null value can be any value.

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