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I want to find boundaries of black region

I tried different values for black, but coluld find average value so region is thresholded in both pictures One of ranges is

inRange(src_HSV, Scalar(0, 0, 0), Scalar(180, 150, 50), src_HSV);

Another is

inRange(src_HSV, Scalar(100, 40, 140), Scalar(140, 160, 255), src_HSV);

I tried to search the Internet for values of black, but couldn't find anything suitable for this case, having different tones of black

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You might try to open the images with gimp to pick some pixel samples. – ChronoTrigger Jul 26 '13 at 13:45
@ChronoTrigger thanks, I tried color picker tools, but they give really different range, not to be used for thresholding – mehmetfatih Jul 29 '13 at 11:11

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Note that in HSV, black is defined as V=0, independently of H and S (in your case, you probably need to look for small values of V and S. I would ignore the H component.

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Would this be an option (in RGB):

if ((red + green + blue) <= 64) {

// black } else {

// not black }

If not you could try HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) values and set black if lightness < 10% ...

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thanks, HSL helped, but not 10, 100 is enough i think cvtColor(src, src_HSV, CV_BGR2HLS); inRange(src_HSV, Scalar(0, 0, 0), Scalar(180, 100, 255), src_HSV); – mehmetfatih Jul 26 '13 at 12:01
inRange(src_HSV, Scalar(0, 0, 0), Scalar(179,50, 100), src_HSV); 

for black and grey shades. Anyways it is application specific. Follow this link to get good insights on HSV:

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