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I'm trying to get a heat map working for a project and was hoping that someone with more background knowledge might be able to help me.

I started writing this yesterday based on Google's example but it just wouldn't work. I could get the map to display but the data was missing. We've been using the Google Maps API for a while on a number of projects but this was my first attempt at a heat map. After a few hours, was getting annoyed and thought I'd try something different - in desperation, I uploaded the map to my own web space and it worked. I just wondered if someone would know why it would work on one server but not another. As I say, the map bit worked - it was just the 'heat' data that was missing.

A bit more background info...

My work server is https and all links were modified so that they were https. I also tried another server which is http (again, modifying links) and both had the same results. I also removed the link to the stylesheet and embedded it in the html page which still didn't work. I also tried running this as a htm and asp page which also didn't work.

My personal web server is http and the modified file worked straight away.

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