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I'm using a select helper tag for a form in Rails 3.2.14:

<%= f.label :male, 'Gender' %>
<%= f.select :male, [['Girl', 0], ['Boy', 1]]  %>

The Girl and Boy menu items show up in the drop down, but Boy is never selected even if male in the database is set to 1. male is actually a boolean value in schema.rb.

How do I get the f.select tag to automatically select a Boy if male is true.

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Actually you need to call options_for_select, this is where you can define which option is selected. Example:

options = options_for_select [['Girl', 0], ['Boy', 1]], 1
f.select :male, options

Will output the select tag, its options, and Boy will be selected.


You can take a look at options_from_collection_for_select also, originally designed to be used with record collections, like:

options_from_collection_for_select @users, :id, :name

To generate options with id as value and name as text. options_from_collection_for_select can basically be used anywhere

coll = %w[cheese garlic]
options_from_collection_for_select coll, :to_s, :humanize

Will also work

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I did need options_for_select, I played with that, but the problem was that I needed to use resource.male ? 1 : 0 for the 2nd parameter to options_for_select. I didn't know I could use resource.attribute (using Devise). –  at. Jul 26 '13 at 18:47

try this,

f.object.male %>

get more options from this stackoverflow question

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