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I have already reimplemented QSqlTableModel.select() to display all the results returned by the model in the view:

def select(self):


    results = QtSql.QSqlTableModel.select(self)

    self.setHeaderData(5, QtCore.Qt.Horizontal, "", QtCore.Qt.DisplayRole)
    self.setHeaderData(6, QtCore.Qt.Horizontal, "Modification")
    self.setHeaderData(9, QtCore.Qt.Horizontal, "Ajout")

    while self.canFetchMore():
    return results

I would like to do the same thing with the function setQuey, so I tried something like that:

def setQuery(self, query):

    results = QtSql.QSqlTableModel.setQuery(query)

    while self.canFetchMore():
    return results

But I got this exception:

File "/home/djipey/informatique/python/bibli/model.py", line 23, in setQuery
    results = QtSql.QSqlTableModel.setQuery(query)
    TypeError: QSqlTableModel.setQuery(QSqlQuery): first argument of unbound method must have type 'QSqlTableModel'

Could you explain to me why I have a typeError ? I don't really understand.

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Just as your override takes two parameters,

def setQuery(self, query):

the call to QtSql.QSqlTableModel.setQuery requires two parameters:

results = QtSql.QSqlTableModel.setQuery(self, query)
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