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In my model, I have an enum called EventCategory and also an entity called Event. The enum definition looks something like this.

public enum EventCategory

in the entity Event, it has a field called EventCategory. I want to put those two things in nested dropdowns, so that EventCategory which is the enum is in the first dropdown and the second dropdown which will be the Event entity which will be filtered based on the selection on the first dropdown.

if I do it just using jQuery ajax and knockoutjs, I would first retrieve the EventCategory enum values and put it in the first dropdown and in the knockout viewmodel, subscribe to the selectedEventCategory and fetch the Events in there.

But, is there a better way of doing this in breezejs?

any help really appreciated

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We have been considering adding additional metadata to the Breeze MetadataStore regarding .NET enums but have not yet clarified the design. Please vote for Breeze metadata for Enums on the Breeze User Voice. We take these suggestions very seriously.

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