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I have a numpy.dtype that resembles the following:


I'd like to get the first part of each tuple (i.e. the value part) into a list, and the second part of each tuple into a separate list. The dtype object does not appear to be an iterable. How do I go about generating these lists? Thank you.

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You can iterate dtype.descr:

>>> d = np.dtype([('value1','<f8'),('value2','<f8')])
>>> [x[0] for x in d.descr]
['value1', 'value2']


>>> [x[1] for x in d.descr]
['<f8', '<f8']
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Thanks. Also, just found another way. d.names, and d.fields will return those respective dtype attributes –  Lamps1829 Jul 26 '13 at 13:32

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