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I created a document via Sphinx with the make latexpdf command.

Now I have the problem that LaTeX is setting my picture at the top directly after the text and at the bottom of the image it puts 3 or 4 linebreaks.

Is there a possibility to get 1 space at the top and 1 space at the bottom of the picture without having to use a \ in the syntax?

My code:


some text

.. image:: screenshots/manage_products.png

some more text

another title:

EDIT: Here a little Screenshot to show you my problem. I also looked into the main documentation of Sphinx (+ Syntax documentation) and found no answer for this problem!

enter image description here

Btw: Ignore the red arrow plz.

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Have you tried this? – mzjn Aug 20 '13 at 15:47
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You could use the .. figure:: directive to add the extra spacing you would like around your image.


some text

.. figure:: screenshots/manage_products.png

some more text

I like using the figure directive more as well, since you have some additional control elements to your image, such as labeling.

.. figure::

   Your figure text here
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It's working fine, I wont use the .. image:: command anymore! – Knorke Sep 17 '13 at 15:01

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