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I have a LongListSelector that is populated with List which contains objects from SQLite database:

 protected override async void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)
  SQLiteAsyncConnection conn = new SQLiteAsyncConnection(DB_PATH);
  var query = conn.Table<Prasanja>().Where(x => x.id == 3);
  var result = await query.ToListAsync();
  foreach (var item in result)
       var query1 = conn.Table<Odgovori>()
       .Where(y => y.Prasanja_id == item.id);

        txtPrasanje.Text = item.Tekst;
        var resultOdgovori = await query1.ToListAsync();

         foreach (var itemOdgovor in resultOdgovori)
            lstOdgovori.ItemsSource = Lista;

What I want is when one of the LongListSelector items is tapped that I get the specific object tapped, and have the ability to use that object properties.Here is my code:

   private void lstOdgovori_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
   LongListSelector selector = sender as LongListSelector;
    if (selector == null)

   Odgovori odg = selector.SelectedItem as Odgovori;
     if (odg == null)

   MessageBox.Show("Try again");
    else MessageBox.Show("True!!!");

The problem here is that my object odg from the class Odgovori returns null after executing this code. How can I fix this?

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You are adding a string to Lista that is why your casting is not working. If you have overridden your ToString() method in your Odgovori class I believe that the LongListSelector will call that method if you just add the Odgovori object to Lista

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