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I'm trying to forecast registrations using Timeseries for multiple test centers (Labeled TC) . At the moment i'm saving each of the Test center past registrations in seperate csv files and using lapply reading them into R and then to run TS on each of the files. Sample file looks as below for each of the test center. Likewise i have multiple files to cover all centers.

What I want to be able to do is , instead of using multiple files, I want to be able to input all the past data for all centers in a single file, with each column representing one test center, as below.

Month_YEAR  TC73263 TC73264
200801           2  114.25
200803           7  22
200805           15 88
200806           13 43
200810           7  156
200811           6  54
200812           8  69
200901           6  83
200903           4  90
200905           3  76

I can subset them as tablename$TC73263, but since the TC numbers would vary and their number would be huge, is there a way to automatically read column by column and convert to timeseries? rather than me manually specifying column names everytime.

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you mean like tablename[[1]]? –  GSee Jul 26 '13 at 15:47
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