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I have a page that randomly takes 8 pictures to show. They have to fade in and out so I would like to use a jquery timer to accomplish this. I have made some code that fades the page in, but then it disappears and fades in again. I would like to let it fade out to, but not immidiately. There had to be a pause of 3 seconds between it.

this is my code so far:



and this is the page where you can see what is happening: http://bouwenenwonen040.nl/ in the footer you can see the fading images.

Does someone know how to make it

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It's because you have two .hide()s and fade ins... Why? If you just want a delay around the second part, wrap it in a setTimeout: var timeoutID = window.setTimeout(/*PUT IT HERE*/, /*delay in ms*/);. If you want it to fade instead of disappear change the second .hide to .fadeOut – Zach Saucier Jul 26 '13 at 14:06

Well change the hide to fadeout, and then change the 5000 to 3000. Next time when you copy a code from the source try to put more effort in it to understand what you are copying.

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