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I have a parent table

M_TRD sk_trd trd_name trd_date

C_sub sk_trd subid subname

C_subdet sk_trd subid subdetid subdet_name

Now, I need to retrieve all the trade details, sub details and sub details in a single query There is one to many relationship between M_TRD and C_sub one to many relationship from C_sub to s_subdet

I need to use left join but not sure exactly how, I am new to sql. Please help

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LEFT OUTER JOIN C_sub    sub ON trd.sk_trd = sub.sk_trd 
LEFT OUTER JOIN C_subdet det ON sub.subid  = det.subid
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SELECT * FROM M_TRD LEFT LOIN C_sub ON M_TRD.sk_trd = C_sum.sk_trd LEFT JOIN C_subdet ON C_sub.sk_trd;

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@kmas beat me to it, basically the same answer, kmas is prettier though :-) –  tallen Jul 26 '13 at 14:37
thankyou for your help –  user2501620 Jul 26 '13 at 15:23

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