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I am trying to add a second query to a function. How can I combine those 2 queries? I want to delete a user from the table and change the status of another user from "waiting list" to "regular user". Both queries work if I check them separately.

function delreguser()
    $user   = & JFactory::getUser();

    $event  = (int) $this->_id;
    $userid = $user->get('id');

    // Must be logged in
    if ($userid < 1) {
        JError::raiseError( 403, JText::_('ALERTNOTAUTH') );

// update waitinglist
$query ='UPDATE #__eventlist_register SET uwl = 0 where event = '.$event.' AND uwl = 1 ORDER BY uregdate LIMIT 1';

// delete user
$query2 = 'DELETE FROM #__eventlist_register WHERE event = '.$event.' AND uid= '.$userid.'';

    $this->_db->SetQuery( $query);
    $this->_db->SetQuery( $query2);

    if (!$this->_db->query()) {
            JError::raiseError( 500, $this->_db->getErrorMsg() );

    return true;
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Execute the first query before setting the second one.

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