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How can you sort your projects within a solution folder. I have a solution with 3 solution folders and in there I have several class libraries but they don't seem to be sorted by name but by creation.

Is there a way to sort them by name? (from within vs 2008, not by changing the sln manually)

Regards, M

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Take a look at this post. Quote:

It is a known bug that Visual Studio does not sort projects alphabetically when the projects are located inside Solution Folders. Since I am working on pretty large solutions (more than 20 projects for 1 solution), and I like to order the projects via Solution Folders, this is a very irritating bug.

However, I accidently found the solution to this problem. Follow the steps below to sort your projects alphabetically inside Solution Folders.

Right-click on a project and select rename (or simple select a project, wait 1 second, and click it again or press F2). Don’t change the name, simply select another project.

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That's right but if you close and reopen the solution afterwards it's messed up again. This blog gives the hint on how to keep the changed order: ludwigstuyck.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/…. Collapse the containing solution folder before closing the solution. –  The Chairman Feb 3 '11 at 7:43

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