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I have been updating some old code in an app that has a lot of re-allocations in onDraw that complain with message:

Avoid object allocations during draw/layout operations (preallocate and reuse instead).

So I have got all of it updated properly with no more warning, except one. LinearGradient. It seems there is no method to set values on an instance of the object. And the properties are not public so you can't do linLayout.x = value;

This is my code and it complains with the warning described above (underlines LinearGradient):

myPaintGradient.setShader(new LinearGradient(deviation,6,halfwidth,LinearGradientSize,barColorGreen, barColorRed, android.graphics.Shader.TileMode.CLAMP));
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Find a way to instantiate the LinearGradient either in the constructor, or onBoundsChange().

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