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I have a very simple ps1 script in my .bashrc file, this excutes a random script generator called blah.

export PS1="[$(tput bold)][$(tput setaf 1)]\$ [$(tput sgr0)] $PWD :: $(. blah) ::"

the blah script simply should export a random string each time in the shell....

function silly {

local RANDOMQUOTE=$[ ($RANDOM % 10 ) ] local fooey=('rand1' 'rand2' 'rand3' 'rand4' 'rand5');

echo ${fooey[RANDOMQUOTE]}



However it seems this script is only excuted each time I create a new window in iterm, and of course this means the script is no longer random!

Example of the random function not being called each time

$ /Users/username :: rand2 ::

$ /Users/username :: rand2 ::

$ /Users/username :: rand2 ::

$ /Users/username :: rand2 ::

Am I doing something wrong here? Just starting to learn bash so apologies for lack of terminology, edit at will!

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That worked, thanks! –  ChrisJAllen Jul 26 '13 at 15:32

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As said in Single/double quotes ksh:

The "$PWD" resolves immediately. (...) When you set to '$PWD', it does not resolve immediately, so it resolves when used, and changes when you change directories.

So change

export PS1="[$(tput bold)][$(tput setaf 1)]\$ [$(tput sgr0)] $PWD :: $(. blah) ::"


export PS1='[$(tput bold)][$(tput setaf 1)]\$ [$(tput sgr0)] $PWD :: $(. blah) ::'

That is, PS1='<code>' instead of PS1="<code>".

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