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All right, i apologize right away because the code is actually kind of big. The thing is, i am working with SDL, learning actually. I had managed to create animations, but i decided i wanted to go a little deeper. This is how the Code works

App - Uses: This has the main loop, the Init function, the Render Function and the whole softwares is originated from here.

Animation - Uses: This will contain and declare all of the functions in the Class Animation. It only works when a bool variable called Running is true.

Surface - Uses: This will Load files onto surfaces, Make certain color transparents and Draw images or part of images onto the MainSurface.

Events - Uses: This has all of the Virtual Functions to Events

Object - Uses: This is the big part. It was working perfectly. Before i would have a Surface Called Yoshi on the Main Class, and i would interact with the animation using that Surface. I thought that the method of having the "Character" on the main Class was a little bit confusing and it would cause me problems when having Multiple images on the screen. So therefore i decided to create a class called Object, which would have its own SDL_Surface, its own location on screen, Its own variable decided which frame it is. What i did was that i created an object to This class on the APP Class... Something like

Object MainCharacter;

So then i would be able to manipulate that Character alone, and if i ever needed to have another Object on screen i would just use

Object *SecondCharacter;

etc... So then the OBJECT Class would call the Animation. APP Class would render all of the images, by a function somewhat like this

MySurface::OnDraw(Surf_Display, MainCharacter.Img_Surface, MainCharacter.RetrievePosX(), MainCharacter.RetrievePosY(), MainCharacter.RetrieveFrameByID(0), MainCharacter.RetrieveFrameByID(1), 64, 64);

Well... But the thing is: The code stops working. This is far from a finished code, but i would like to fix this issue right away, so i can finish only after it already has a base.

Here are all of the files: Some of them dont have too many lines. I also wrote some comments to help anyone who may be able to help me.


Animation.h -

Object.h -

Events.h -

CApp.h -

Surface.h -


Surface.cpp -

Object.cpp -

Events.cpp -

OnRender.cpp -

OnLoop.cpp -

OnInit.cpp -

OnEvent.cpp -

OnCleanUp.cpp -

CApp.cpp -

Animation.cpp -

All right those are it. Some of them are really short. Well, if anyone can help me finding where is my mistake i would be glad. And with that aside, i would really like to get an opinion on the structure of the software, do you think what i am doing is practical? What Design do YOU use when creating SDL Software or Games???

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You will pay me, if I read all this files? – Daniele Brugnara Jul 26 '13 at 15:52
Press the debug button. – τεκ Jul 26 '13 at 15:54
What else does your computer say, apart from "Project1.exe Has Stopped Working"? What happens when you run it in the debugger? (That will at least tell us which source file it's in - I am too busy to read all of them for you) – doctorlove Jul 26 '13 at 16:12
Oops... My Bad... All right, here... The Debugger says the problem is on Surface.cpp, line 12. There is a Segmentation Fault. – Victor Chavauty Jul 26 '13 at 16:19
Victor - you could shorten the question and include the details to avoid hemorrhaging points – doctorlove Jul 26 '13 at 16:33
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Having been told in the comments it happens on line 12 of Source.cpp which says

Res = SDL_DisplayFormat(Temp);

and googled SDL_DisplayFormat for you, I find this manual page

Near the bottom it says:

Newbie hint

You have to call SDL_Init before using the SDL_DisplayFormat function. If you don't, your program will crash with an access violation.

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I seem to have forgotten to Call SDL_Init... I feel like a Dumbass... I apologize and appreacite the help... – Victor Chavauty Jul 26 '13 at 16:27
Try putting calls that must happen in constructors so you don't forget them - you have an CApp::OnInit() function - just do that work in the constructor. – doctorlove Jul 26 '13 at 16:28

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