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I'm working on getting pending requests by fql. I've set up "read_requests" permission and used following fql:

SELECT uid_from,
FROM.   friend_request
WHERE. uid_to = me()

But it doesn't work and I do not get anything.

Can anyone help me?

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Are you sure you have pending friend requests? most users will very rarely have pending friend requests, and will accept or reject them shortly after they arrive –  Igy Jul 26 '13 at 18:07

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  1. You need the read_requests permission for any friend requests that are sent by or to the current session user.

  2. You can read a list of friend requests sent to the current user -

    SELECT time,
    FROM friend_request
    WHERE uid_to = me()

Or, you can check the status of any friend request sent by the current user, but you have to provide the id of the user to whom the request was sent. You cannot retrieve all friend requests sent by the current user -

    SELECT time,
    FROM friend_request
    WHERE uid_from = me()
    AND uid_to = ID
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