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I am trying to achieve the following string(s) format using GWT Messages but am not sure how to do it (or even if it can be done).

I have a Messages method signature like this:

String organizedMessage(String username, String date);

I have 2 arguments: username, date. Sometimes the username is null and sometimes the date is null but they are never both null at the same time.

Scenario #1: Username and Date both exist = "Organized by [username] on [date]"

Scenario #2: Username exists but Date is null = "Organized by [username]

Scenario #3: Username is null but date exists = "Organized on [date]"

Can this be done with GWT Messages? Thanks in advance...

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I Don't think it can be done, only for plural count and enums you can specify mutliple messages for the same method. In this case you need to create 3 methods and do the testing on the variants in your own code.

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Yea, that is what I am currently doing. I was hoping there was an undocumented 'trick' to make it work the way I wanted. Oh well. –  xsee Jul 26 '13 at 20:21

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