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I am trying to define a lineChart in nvd3 with a domain scale on the x-axis. I can't get it to work. The first issue is that the voronoi code blows up. But even if I turn voronoi off, the x-axis still just shows a range of -1 to 1, instead of my domain values.

I think a workaround would be to assign numbers to the x-axis values, and then use a tick function to draw the text. But I want to figure out why I can't make it work with an ordinal scale.

Below is the code I have tried. My data works with other models, so I think the data is ok. I tried using the xDomain function to set the domain, and I also tried using the xAxis property to set a custom scale. Neither one seemed to do anything.


var lineData = [{ "key": "% Kernel CPU", "values": [{ "x": "Exe1", "y": 6.693271 }, { "x": "Exe2", "y": 0.8129451 }, { "x": "Exe3", "y": 71.3511437 }] },
            { "key": "% User CPU", "values": [{ "x": "Exe1", "y": 93.7063302 }, { "x": "Exe2", "y": 23.158042000000002 }, { "x": "Exe3", "y": 74.19397850000001 }] }];
        var xdomain = ["Exe1", "Exe2", "Exe3"];

        $('#test').append('<svg style="width:100%;height:400px;"></svg>');

        nv.addGraph(function () {
            var chartObj = nv.models.lineChart();

            chartObj.xAxis.tickFormat(function (d) {
                if (d.length > 15) {
                    return d.substring(0, 13) + '...';
                return d;


            //var xScale = d3.scale.ordinal();

  '#test svg').datum(lineData)
            return chartObj;
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Have you tried chartObj.xAxis.domain(xdomain)? – Lars Kotthoff Jul 26 '13 at 18:44
I just tried that, and I get the same result. The xAxis scale is still -1 to 1, and no data is visible. – Backslider Jul 26 '13 at 20:50

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I think the problem lies in these lines in the models.scatter definition:

  if ( isNaN(x.domain()[0])) {

  if ( isNaN(y.domain()[0])) {

Obviously this will disallow any ordinal scales for the x or y scales in this type of chart (which underlies the line chart and most of the other non-bar charts it seems).

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