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This is my web structure. In which all link contents are opened in iFrame when link is clicked.

Say I have clicked on 1st link (not Home page) , it gets open in iFrame,contents are displayed properly,all ok. But as I press refresh button expected is shlould load same page whose link I have clicked,but instead of that it loads Home page.

How should I be on same page after refresh also?

I'm using php for server side scripting. Thanks!

Edit: I tried to store visited page name in session variable and then while loading Home page I check like


  echo "<script>window.location.href=</script>".$_Session['visited'];

But didnt work!

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I think the simplest way is with Jquery. If you make your website use anchors, for example http://yoursite.com/#page-example

<a href="#page-example">example</a>

When you refresh the page, you will still be accessing this anchor. With jquery you can get this value and do some stuff based on that. So!

var hash = $(this).attr('href').split('#')[1];

This will get that # value, you can compare that in javascript then, or use a switch to determine what to do or simulate the page change.

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Server side: Link sends GET request to the page and the src of the iFrame is set by the server.


Client side: Add onclick function on the links which changes the src atribute for example with the following code:

document.getElementById('Iframe').src="new link";


<iframe src="startin_link" name="iframe_a"></iframe>
<p><a href="some_link" target="iframe_a">link</a></p> 

Pure html.

EDIT: If you want to stay in the page... I suggest you use the first option. Example:

<a href='?page=1'>Some link</a>

then on server side:

     $iframeLink="Starting Link";

and the iFrame should look like this:

<iframe src='<?php echo  $iframeLink; ?>'></iframe>
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oh. Thanks,will try this and will update on this. Thanks for quick replay. –  Emma Jul 26 '13 at 18:00
when Click on link, I have passed ?page=mypage. But always getting redirected to Starting link in iFrame, & when echo $_GET['page'] says Undefined index –  Emma Jul 27 '13 at 6:48
can you show me the 'mypage' variable and the way you implement it? –  Hristo Valkanov Jul 29 '13 at 9:14

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