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Having trouble handling a jQuery AJAX post of FormData to an ASP.net 4 Web service WebMethod.

<input id="ipt_file" type="file" />
<a href='#' onclick="UploadFile();" data-role='button'>Upload</a>

var UploadFile = function () {
    var file_object = $('#ipt_file')[0].files[0];
    var form_data = new FormData();
    form_data.append('job_id', '123456');
    form_data.append('job_name', 'xyx');
    form_data.append('job_file', file_object);

    var xhr_upload = $.ajax({
        type: "POST",
        headers: { "Cache-Control":"no-cache", "Content-Type":"multipart/form-data" }, // also tried without these
        url: "../MyServices.asmx/Upload",
        data: form_data,
        processData: false,
        contentType: false,
        dataType: "json",
        success: function (msg) {
            if (typeof (msg) === "object") {
                var _upload = $.parseJSON(msg.d);
                alert(_upload.status + ': ' + _upload.msg);

public class FileUploadRequest
    public string job_id { get; set; }
    public string job_name { get; set; }
    public HttpPostedFile job_file { get; set; }

public string Upload(FileUploadRequest x)
    string str_response = string.Empty;
    if (x.job_file.ContentLength > 0)
        str_response = "{\"status\":1,\"msg\":\"" + x.job_id + ", " + x.job_name + ", " + x.job_file.FileName + "\"}";
        str_response = "{\"status\":0,\"msg\":\"FAIL"\}";
    return str_response;

Must not be handling the FormData object parameter properly; here I instantiated a custom class, but all I get back from the server is 500 errors (also tried a generic object x). Also tried handling it as HttpRequest object as I've seen on some postings, to no avail. Not concerned about IE 9 incompatibility in this case; just want to see single file upload or at least a FormData object with key/value pairs properly received by an asmx WebMethod.

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Made some progress on this, but changed the service from asmx to svc: see question 18004679. –  brnwdrng Aug 1 '13 at 21:25
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