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I have read several posts online & verified the following:

  1. AutoPostBack= "true"
  2. EnableViewState= "True" (default)
  3. CausesValidation = "False" (default)

Also added the EnableViewState= "true" on the page-level directive. Inspite of this I am unable to cause the SelectedIndexChanged event to trigger. I am using VS2010, VB.NET with no AJAX. I am populating my dropdownlist in the PageLoad event and on the condition If (Not IsPostback) Another issue is that my dropdownlist items are getting cleared on postback each time. So as a work around I added SQLDataSource on my aspx page and configured it as datasource to my dropdownlist and now the event is getting triggered properly, I am not sure why.

I am new to VB.NET and web development and I feel I am missing something obvious, like taking into consideration Page events chronology, please suggest. Thanks for all your help in advance.

Sorry for not being able to paste code here, attached images of the same.ASPX Code CodeBehind

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Could you add some of your code, please? Page_Load and the markup would help. –  Andre Calil Jul 26 '13 at 19:17
In the markup set AutoEventWireup = "true". –  afzalulh Aug 14 '13 at 2:59

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in that case, updatepanel is your best friend. Of course, the dropdownlist will clear all your data loaded because you set it to autpostback=true

Maybe this article can help DropDownList in UpdatePanel

credit goes to @RSolberg

happy coding!

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