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I'm new to python and wondering if it is possible using BaseHTTPServer to store a global var that is accessible to all requests? Basically I have an async process that requires a POST back into the server as a separate request from the original request, that I would like to write back through to the original request, via a token I'd generate.

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To maintain state, you'll need a web framework that supports global variables across requests, or some kind of session management.

Flask is super easy to get up and running and has sessions available.

import flask

app = flask.Flask(__name__)

def index():
    flask.session['post_token'] = MakeToken()
    return '...Content...'

@app.route('/poster', methods=['POST'])
def poster():
    if flask.session['post_token']:

# set the secret key.  keep this really secret:
app.secret_key = 'A0Zr98j/3yX R~XHH!jxxxRT'
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