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I was trying to understand permissions around friends list using graph api explorer.

If there is a user whose friends list is public and the user is not in my friends list nor do I have any mutual friends with that person - i can still see friends of that person on Facebook which tells me that their friends list is public. But when I use graph api explorer to do the same for that user I see the following exception:

    "error": {
    "message": "Unsupported operation", 
    "type": "FacebookApiException", 
    "code": 100

Does someone know why that is?

Also, another related question is - even if I can see my friend's friends on Facebook, I cant see that via graph api explorer because for graph api to show it my friends should have made their friends list public, is that correct?


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The Graph API only allows you to see friends of the authenticated user. This is correct way as it's saying

I (the authenticated user) am granting you (the application) access to see my friends

So friends of friends, non-mutual and so on are not allowed.

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Thanks. But I could see friends list of a friend, but not another friend. Since I was directly using the explorer tool, my guess is the difference could be that the latter friend might have the platform turned off, right? As for accessing friends of a totally unrelated user, I cannot do that even if their friends list is public and the platform is turned on? –  enkay Jul 28 '13 at 6:00

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