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I'm using django forms in my django1.3 application.

Here is the snippet from forms.py

from django import forms

class AccountForm(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = Account
        fields = ('name', 'address', 
                  'city', 'state', 
                  'country', 'telephone',)

In the views.py I am using django profiles and passing the AccountForm like this,

from profiles.views import profile_detail, edit_profile
def profile_update(request):
    # some code here
    # some more code here
    # to set extra_context
    return edit_profile(request, extra_context=extra_context, 

The html file renders it as follows,

{% for field in form %}
  <label>{{field.label|safe }}</label>
  {{ field }}
{% endfor %}

I am looking for a way to selective include fields in the form on some condition, like based on the value of the field in the Account model.

Example if Account.joining_date > datetime.date(1,3,2010) only then include field telephone in the form, else do not. How do I achieve this functionality? I'd be glad to provide any extra info if required to get a solution to this :)

Thanks in advance!

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