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I am trying to incorporate the Glympse Lite iOS SDK v1.0.2 into my app but have run into a problem. I have added the framework and resource bundle, and have been following along with the examples. However when I try to run this line:

bool succeeded = [GlympseLiteWrapper instance].glympse->sendTicket(_glympseTicket, wizardFlags);

I get this exception:

+[NSBundle liteBundle]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x10f5620

Which appears to be coming from the framework: [GLYConfiguratorViewerOwner ensureWindowCreated] method.

Any ideas what might be causing this crash? (The view that this is being called from is within a UITabBarController if that makes any difference).

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This type of error is typically caused by a static framework creating a category on an existing class but the linker failing to include it in the binary.

In build settings, look for Other Linker Flags. First add -ObjC or set the value to $(inherited) -ObjC if blank. If that doesn't work, try $(inherited) -ObjC -all_load. These values cause the linker to load every object file.

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adding the flag '$(inherited) -ObjC' did the trick, thanks for the fast and excellent help! –  ShawnG Jul 26 '13 at 20:08

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