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When testing with login "tfa_choice", I chose answer "Fail" to the question. As expected, the login failed. However, submitting another answer, like "Wilson" with the same challenge_session_id, challenge_node_id and challenge_id, I got back the AggCatException 408:

The challengeSessionId cannot be found or has expired  

The second submission was within a minute from the first one. Is this result expected in the sense that the challengeSessionId is expired right after the first answer?

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It looks like an expected behavior. Ref Doc -… When u r submitting the request for the 2nd time, please check if you r getting a different nonce and timestamp value. Ref - "A nonce is a random string, uniquely generated for each request. The nonce allows the Service Provider to verify that a request has never been made before". I can test and confirm this behavior on Monday. Thanks –  Manas Mukherjee Jul 27 '13 at 5:57

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A challenge session id is only valid for one challenge. If the challenge fails a new discover call will need to be made to re-answer the question. If the response of the challenge takes longer than 5 minute the session has timed out and will return the same error message.

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