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I've got the following bit of code in one of my models:

channel = models.OneToOneField(Channel, related_name='stories', null=True, blank=True, unique=False)

See the unique=False? Well, when I use south to create an auto migration, it wants to add a unique constraint:

./ schemamigration core --auto
 ~ Changed field channel on core.Story
 + Added unique constraint for ['channel'] on core.Story

What gives!?

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This is Django, not South. Being unique is built into the definition of OneToOneField. (You can see it in the source code here.)

If unique is False then there can be more than one Story with the same Channel. This is a ManyToOne relationship, so you probably want this to be a ForeignKey field instead.

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New problem: I changed the field to ForeignKey and I'm now getting this error from south: The field '' does not have a default specified, yet is NOT NULL. Why would it say this if I have null=True? – threejeez Jul 27 '13 at 20:48
My guess is that South is having a problem trying to change the type of the field. As a test, try instead adding a new field with the same parameters and see if there is an error. – Kevin Christopher Henry Jul 27 '13 at 21:01

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